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In Friis Media we offer different soulutions in the field of drone cinematography. Do you want the standar drone format? Steady and high quality. Or mabye you want the more exilerating FPV footage? Anything you like, we will make it happen.

Image by Gautier Salles


The DJI drones are perfect for delivering the standard video or picture format in drone cinematography. We can record 4K quality and pictures in RAW/ JPEG format to our customers. 
DJI Mini 2 is our go to drone. This gives us the ability to fly in areas usually under strict regulations by authorities, compared to heavier drones. 



Utilizing our FPV drones we have the capabilities to fly in close proximity to people or objects. This will create amazing and breathtaking footage.
Due to the complexity of flying and maintaining an FPV drone, not that many companies offer this. So if you want content that stands out, this is the choice for you!


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